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Channeling Your Inner Badass

Last week when I posed the question, “what is your superpower” I got a lot of replies back from you all saying “D, I don’t know!”

Some of you can see so much beauty in others but don’t see the same thing in yourself. Others were paralyzed by the thought of even listing a superlative in your own direction.

I was so moved by your comments, that I (after some reflection) wanted to use today’s blog to talk about channeling your inner badass briefly. I was inspired by this topic after speaking with my friend Jessica Schatz yesterday. As a Pilates Master Trainer and inspiring holistic health coach, Jessica shared how she’s gotten to where she is in her career and in her relationships by being willing to do the inside work. Yup, planks are good, but deep work on our worth is even better for the soul. You don’t magically wake up one morning and decide you’re awesome, you're worth it, and you aren’t going to take anyone crap….and if you DID - please message me ASAP so that I can get your secret recipe :)

I would be kidding you if I tried to give you a “my 5 tips channeling your inner badass finding your superpower” blog….I cringe just writing that. But what I want to do instead is pose a handful of questions for you to ask yourself in those moments you’re doubting yourself. So next time I come at you with the “what is your superpower” question, you feel better about answering :)

1 - Who is your Sasha Fierce? I have this firm belief that when no one is looking, we all have our own Sasha Fierce; the highest version of the unapologetic, badass person we want to be. I know I do (she’s staying a secret for a while) and whenever I have *whomp whomp* days or moments, I think, “what would she do?” Sometimes I put her brave face on when I’m faced with something that I would rather not.

But just as Beyonce didn’t keep SF in the closet forever, we can’t keep that version of ourselves hidden either! Start acting from the WWSFD (what would Sasha Fierce do?) mentality next time you’re facing something hard, challenging, or you're doubting yourself.

2 - What dreams, hopes and goals do you have the audacity to have? I love the word “audacity” because it means a willingness to take bold risks. It’s synonymous with fearlessness, courage, enterprise and grit.

Sometimes we doubt ourselves and our dreams for being too big, because who are WE to aspire to such huge things? We, my friends, are those bold and crazy enough to believe in such huge things. And even more than that, we are bold enough to believe that we are worthy of achieving them.

Next time you’re goal setting, and you find yourself hesitating before even setting the goal because it seems too big? I want you to hear my voice - if your dreams aren’t so huge that they scare the crap out of you? You’re not aiming high enough.

Be bold, aim high, and trust that if you brain + heart can concoct the end result, they can reverse engineer the process.

3 - Who told you that you couldn’t do it? What is that person doing now? Listen, 99% of the noise that gets thrown our way rolls off of us without a second thought. But sometimes, and it’s happened to most of us, someone, at some point, said something stupid that just *stuck.

My first year in business my former CPA asked me if I was using my business as a mechanism to write off my gym membership, because it made so little money, it looked like a hobby. Every time business gets slow, I remind myself that this “little business” is far from a hobby but a wave; I use the embarrassment I felt in that moment to ensure no one ever doubts me or how serious I am, again.

4 - Where were you 5-years ago? What would tell that version of yourself? I’ll start - 5 years ago I left my prestigious law firm job, returned home from a month of Eat-Pray-Loving through Italy and had zero idea what I was going to do with my life. My old law-school friends and legal coworkers laughed at me and disavowed friendships. They said I couldn’t hang in the big leagues.

Fast forward 5-years I’m writing this from my dream office, inside my new dream house, working on my terms. On days I feel low and frustrated I remind myself that growth is a slow, steady process, and every single day I have the opportunity to make my future self even prouder.

5 - What is one thing you did well today? This week? This month? Make a list and read it to yourself regularly. Are you starting to see patterns? THAT is your superpower.

Still not sure? Call your bestie, your mom, and ME. We’ll set you straight. :)

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