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1:1 Business Support.
Because you and your
dreams are worth it. 

Whether you’re starting your business from scratch or have years of experience under your belt and ready to take it to the next level, working with a business consultant and operations expert who has been there and done that for hundreds of other businesses (!) will provide you the strategies, systems, support, accountability, experience, network, and community that you and your business NEED to succeed and thrive. 

For too long online business owners - like YOU - have been trying to "figure it out on their own" with pieces of "advice" from free webinars + mini-courses, and morsels of information you've picked up here and there.


Maybe you:

➡️ Are paying too much in taxes because you didn't set your business up properly,

➡️ Haven't braved doing your taxes because your finances are a mess,

➡️ Are spending days trying to set-up back-end systems because the tech so confusing, or

➡️ Have no systems because you don't know how, why, or it's just too daunting. 

Sound familiar? 

You want to work with someone who not only gets the specific needs of your industry, but deeply understands your clients and ideal clients, and knows what it takes to make your business run smoothly, provide a seamless and flawless client experience, and ultimately just works for you. 


 ...being able to sleep at night, knowing that your new business is set-up properly and automated with systems in place that allow clients to book on their own without texting you all hours of the day, that collect payments so you're never chasing $$, and with emails that get sent while you're sleeping...all so that you wake up to a full schedule of you in your zone of genius. 

✨ ... getting email notifications throughout the day that another person has signed up for your online membership, purchased your e-book, or bought that course you poured your heart into...and you didn’t have to lift a finger. Helloooo working smarter not harder. 

✨ ... wanting to create a course (hi, passive income!) and not knowing HOW to make it happen...and then FINDING that expert in online courses to actually create your course or program, set-up the tech, create a launch plan with you, and ensure it actually sells?! Oh, HI!

✨ ... never having to worry if things *worked* and just feeling at peace that everything in your business is set-up for YOUR success? 

 ✨...posting social media content that convert followers into subscribers, and have emails that convert subscribers into paying clients.

✨... finally DOING the big things you’ve been dreaming about but felt like you couldn't take those first steps because you didn't know 'how.'

FRIEND - there is nothing in life that isn't figureoutable and it's even MORE figureoutable when you're supported by a someone who has been in your shoes, done it, and is holding the door wide open so you can walk in too. 

If you’re committed to leveling up your business, if you’re ready to take action, and if you’re ready to leap into your bigger purpose and thrive - my support packages are HERE 👏🏻 FOR 👏🏻YOU 👏🏻 and I cannot wait to meet you and start to work together. 

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​✔️ You + Me + 90-mins on Zoom:  Whether you're a new business owner, or finally ready to set-up your business the *right* way, in this Start-Up Consultation we're doing allllll the things and answering all the questions, like: 

- setting-up your legal business entity;

- setting-up your finances, including how to start your business bank account, manage finances, and create a financial model;

- getting legal agreements in place (with a discount!), 

- roadmapping the systems + softwares you need to be the most successful; and

- creating 3-, 6-, and 9-month goals!

✔️ Follow-up:  D will prepare your custom business road-map for success, along with any key resources, and intro emails to key support community members. Everything in one-spot?PRICELESS 

✔️ Investment: $500


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​✔️ You + Me + 55-min on Zoom: In our business strategy session we'll address your questions as either a series of our ongoing coaching work together, or simply because you need support for handling the challenges that comes with being a business owner.  Whether you want to talk start-up, business formation, finances, operations strategy, systems help, legal agreement needs, business mindset coaching, ANYTHING - we're going to get the business, legal, and financial side of things squared away and have your feeling at ease. 


✔️ Follow-up:  D will email you the Zoom recording for your reference and any brief, key resources, take-aways, or links so you have everything in one spot. 

✔️ Investment: $250

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​✔️ You + Me + Your Business for 3-months 

✔️ What we'll do: During this 3-month deep dive into your online business' SYSTEMS + OPERATIONS, we'll create a plan to get your business running seamlessly, effortlessly, and on a growth trajectory, so you can get you back to your zone of genius.

✔️ After our initial strategy call where we identify your business' goals, and conduct an audit of all your systems (email financial, social, scheduling, project management, ops) we'll create a Plan of Action, including 30-, 60-, and 90-day goals and metrics. 

✔️ I'll implement all strategies, create *whatever* systems and processes you need created, and you'll feel the relief knowing your business flows seamlessly and results-driven on the backend, while allowing you the space to grow it. 

✔️ We'll have weekly meetings to discuss progress and achievements, and you'll have unlimited  support to me

✔️ Investment: Schedule your complimentary call to connect!


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​✔️ BUSINESS SYSTEMS SET-UP DAY: Do you need a system set-up quickly and efficiently in your business? Like your email marketting platform, financial/bookkeeping system, scheduling software, or online program/course management?! 

In this VIP Day we work together to strategize what needs to get done, and then I get it set-up for you that day. I'll create video tutorials and how-to guides so you know how to *fly* and I'm available two-weeks of ongoing support to help you thrive. 

✔️ Investment: Starting at $500

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✔️ KAJABI LAUNCH SUPPORT: Your online program is truly a reflection of your years of experience and the results-driven, impactful brand that you've grown. Putting it into a course is a great way to impact more lives, grow your business, and bring in repeatable and scalable revenue to you. But getting it up on Kajabi is NO easy feat. So let us help you! 

We'll manage the course creation start-to-finish for you, including:

- Full launch set-up and tech support,

- Running the back-end for your webinars + sales pages,

- Email - creation and scheduling,

- Draft and provide a CUSTOM Terms of Service legal agreement for course takers to protect your business;

- The course/membership site itself, and

- Provide a full launch debrief including key performance indicators and stats from the launch.


All we need from you is the course content! 


✔️ Investment: Starting at $2500 

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