1:1 Coaching

Whether you’re starting your business from scratch or have years of experience under your belt and ready to take it to the next level, there are so many benefits for you in working with a business coach. Or maybe you’ve been facing a hurdle in your business that you just can’t get past, and need legal and business and advice to get on the other side of it. Wherever you are - I’m here to help. 


There’s no “how to” book for taking yourself and your business to the next level - but there are seasoned pros with tried-and-true methods that will get you there. No more free webinars and free mini-courses hoping that you’ll be able to piece it all together. 

Imagine posting social media that convert followers into subscribers into clients. Imagine getting those email notifications that another person has signed up for your online membership and you didn’t have to lift a finger. Imagine finally DOING the big things you’ve been dreaming about. 


If you’re committed to up-level your business, if you’re ready to take action, and if you’re ready to leap into your purpose and thrive - my coaching is for you and I cannot wait to meet you and start to work together. 

Here's how I do it:

✔️ We will work together to determine the length of our work together ( sessions can be spaced out as needed).


​✔️ Your first session will be an hour-long deep dive into your goals; we’ll create a game plan to get you from where you are, to where you’re meant to be.

✔️ We will regularly check-in on your progress, adjustment, and wins.

✔️ And you’ll have VIP access to Danielle via email and text whenever you need it.


The Quick Fix is for those looking for guidance during a season or specific project, or maybe those getting started who want initial and purposeful first steps

Cost: Five 30-min sessions for $600

The Problem Solver is for those looking for the support and resources  as you launch a product (or maybe your business itself!). With this package, Danielle will be by your side to provide consistent knowledge, resources, accountability and support, to ensure that whatever goal your eyes are on - it's yours! 

Cost: Five 1-hour sessions for $1200

The Game Changer is for those serious of taking themselves and their business to the next level. We’ll work on mindset, clear messaging, client acquisition and launching business-changing products and services. This is ideal for those in a growth phase of business looking for longer term consistent support and accountability. Sessions must be used within 3-months for clients to see the best results from this offer.

Cost: Ten 1-hr session for $2000

I know there are so many times when an issue arises in your business and you wish you could just pick up the phone and call a trusted source to help sort the issue. Good news is - I’m here for you, whenever. Whether your landlord is giving you grief about your studio space or lease; a client is disputing a late cancellation fee or cancellation policy; or you want to talk about the viability and execution of a great idea - I am here to support you and your business. 

Cost: $150/30-min; $250/one-hour