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5 Questions to Ask Before Investing In a Business Course or Coach

Updated: Apr 15, 2021

The coaching industry saw tremendous growth in 2020. For better or worse (yes, I said it) everyone became a coach in something.

And while I am a HUGE proponent of sharing your gifts with others, and teaching them in a way that allows us to collectively rise and succeed as a whole, I think it is imperative that you go into any coaching relationship - a course, business mentor, therapy, personal development, etc. - with clear answers to these questions.

Just like any relationships, you need to be on the same page, same energies, all that. You want to make sure that your needs are taken care of. That the coach cares about your results on a personal level, and that you’re not just a dollar sign.

I have personally invested in coaching and courses because I knew the person, knew of the person, and (most importantly) knew of the results they are able to achieve. That last one is the most important in my opinion.

So while you’re probably getting hit with a million ads for coaching, courses, transformations, masterminds, etc.. etc., ask yourself these 5 questions FIRST before hitting the ‘pay now button’....AND if you’re a coach or course creator, be sure you can answer these questions yourself to best serve your community.

1 - What transformation has the coach gone through to make them uniquely suited to guide you?

I firmly believe that we are most uniquely suited to serve the person we once were. We can guide others on the transformation we ourselves went through, and we can coach them how to achieve the same success we’ve had.

For example, I quit my traditional job as an attorney, became a full-time fitness instructor, and grew my online business into a multi 6-figure virtual platform that trains clients, teaches coaches, and invests in other small businesses. I LOVE teaching fitness professionals to have a profitable, thriving business on their terms because I was able to do it myself and know that if I can, anyone can.

2 - What achievements has the coach accomplished and how are they similar to your own goals?

Just like you wouldn’t go to a mechanic for fashion advice, or your stylist to change your tire, you cannot hire a coach that hasn’t accomplished what you want to accomplish because they won’t know how to get you there. Much like the above point - you want the coach who has achieved what you’re hoping to achieve so they can teach you and lead you on that path.

3 - What specific needs in your business or personal development are you seeking advice on and what results are you hoping to achieve?

The biggest mistake I’ve made in coaching is going into the conversation hoping they would just tell me everything I needed to know, period. But when you don’t do your homework first, and you don’t know where you need help (or maybe your issue is that you don’t know where your business needs help!) your coach can’t help you hone in on those pain points and alleviate them.

While a good coach will deep dive into your entire business and audit it ALL(yes even the parts you think are 100% perfect could use a set of eyes!) they can’t read your mind and they don't know what your clients are telling you (or not telling you).

Do not be afraid to ask for help in the areas you need the most help in! Don’t be embarrassed that you don’t know something. Don’t shy away from asking a question because you think it’s “dumb.”

And in that same breath, do NOT hold back on the enormity of your dreams when goal setting with your coach. If you play big, you’ll win big; if you play small, you’ll stay small.

I invested in coaching and courses because I knew the results I wanted to achieve, and they aligned with the achievements I knew the coach's other clients accomplished.

4 - Why are you looking for a coach now? What is it about this point in your business or life that you’re ready to invest in bettering you.

Are you at the point when you’ve done every free challenge and masterclass and nothing’s worked? Have you tried those 12-week programs and couldn’t stay focused? What is it about TODAY that you woke up and decided it's YOUR TIME TO SHINE.

5 - How much time and money can you afford to invest in this right now?

Money and time are both incredibly personal metrics. And while we’re always being told that we have to spend money to make money, I do NOT believe that you have go broke to better yourself. In fact, I believe the exact opposite.

Courses should provide WINS, coaching should change your business for the better. BUT I also believe there needs to be a balance between life, cost, and education. You can’t commit to being unavailable for your family because every night is devoted to watching modules - no thank you. You cannot spend $10k on an elite coaching program if you’re living paycheck to paycheck.

Know that life-changing, affordable and time-conscious options can provide you the same WINS if you’re working with the right person.


I created the Fitness Business Formula after enrolling into numerous 4- and 5 - figure courses hoping that they would completely change my life and business and I’d be an instant millionaire. Yup, totally embarrassing story but it’s true.

I didn’t have 3 months to go back to school part time and then implement and wait; I wanted and needed wins NOW.

I worked my ass off to afford course after course and coach after coach - but I never finished a program and thought - “YES, my life has totally been changed.” It was more, “meh, I got some good nuggets.”

I wanted to create an accessible, affordable, learning opportunity that gave fitness professionals weekly, actionable wins that made you feel like you were getting the deal of the century and holding the holy grail.

If you’re looking for a business-changing, cost effective, bang for your buck (and time) effective learning opportunity, that includes weekly group coaching and complete dive under the hood of my own fitness business, you’re so in luck - the Fitness Business Formula registration is opening on Monday and starting January 25. I’d love to see you in there so we can make your business as big and thriving as you’ve always dreamed it.

If you have questions about FBF, or you’re ready to say YES, you can email me here so we can chat.


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