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I'm Danielle!

I’m an attorney, business coach for fitness and wellness professionals, and your biggest cheerleader.

But I wasn’t always the gal preaching financial freedom, owning your worth, and teaching other fitness professionals how they could create and grow the businesses of their dreams.  

In my past life as a full-time attorney, I existed in a hyper-competitive, unsupportive, ‘sink or swim’ environment. I had no direction, no mentor, and frankly, no hope that I could have a career I loved and be happy. I followed the path I thought I was supposed to, I did everything “right”...but I couldn’t figure out why I was so unfilled and unhappy. 

Fast forward a few years I left my seriously awful firm job and found myself back to my athlete roots as a fitness instructor (that’s a long story for another day) struggling again with having a career that could fulfill me physically, mentally, emotionally, financially, and for my future self.

So instead of just pitching myself as a great instructor, I approached studios as an instructor who also had a business, legal and operational background - and I could help them get their shit in order to bring in more money, make clients happier, and operate smoother.  I then found myself on the investor and ownership side of fitness studios, growing and scaling brands, training trainers, securing financings for multiple locations, leading the scaling and growth process, and building communities.

I knew I had found my passion and I thought I (finally) had it all and had it figured out. But life had other plans, and I quickly had to exit an extremely bad business relationship...leaving me back at square one.

When I tell you I was rock bottom - I mean, I felt lower, lonelier, and with less purpose than my attorney firm days. I had to walk away from everything I had worked so hard to build - a brand, an identity, and a community. 

And so rock bottom was the very foundation I chose to rebuild myself, with the promise that I would never let another female fitness professional be in the position I was in. That I would provide fit pros with the tools, resources, education and support they desperately needed to own thriving businesses.

I started small, writing Liability Waivers and Membership Agreements, and quickly grew my online business to a full-service legal, business and operational consulting company for fitness professionals. It grew quick, felt organic and authentic, and I never looked back. But in looking forward I knew I needed tons of help to make this viable.

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I needed help with processes so I found great coaches, learned a ton, implemented their wisdom, and kept growing. And let me tell you - I had NEVER professionally had anyone just tell me what to do to make shit work, and I loved it. It was the direction, help, support and guidance I have been looking for my entire professional career. And so I’ve committed to doing the same.

There’s no big secret to building a successful fitness business, online or a physical location. There’s a process. It’s tried and true. It’s been done by me, by the giant coaches, and by everyone in between. 

The difference with me is this - I want to teach it to you. I want to give you a playbook, day by day, play by play, of what you need to do to make it work. No BS, no fluff, no back pocket info I’m saving for the really high paying clients. Because it’s simple - if you win, I win. We win together. So why wouldn’t I want to give to you the playbook to win? 

Together, with my clients, we’ve implemented this process to achieve consistent 5-figure months, 6-figure years, work with their ideal clients, launch thriving online platforms and training programs, land highly sought after and well-paid brand partnerships, and ultimately grow their business that they’ve been dreaming of.

Together, I’m going to show you how to have the business you want and deserve, without the constant anxiety, overwhelm, exhaustion, or frustration.

I got your back. If you’re up for it I know we will achieve great results together. Whether you’re downloading a free guide, we’re working together to draft legal agreements to ensure your business is protected, we’re sitting together for focused coaching sessions, or you’re part of Online Business Bootcamp - there is only space for YOUR WINS here. 

Cheers to making magic together, 


I never knew what I was missing (for my business) until I met Danielle. She's smart, intuitive, relatable, gives direct feedback aka no bullsh*t, and is your biggest cheerleader - which is exactly why I love her coaching. In the weeks during the course, I saw my work in a different light and built so much confidence in myself to find success in such a huge industry. From when the course started to when it ended, I pivoted my mindset and became strategic in all my steps to grow my business. If you need to level up your business, don't hesitate - contact Danielle!

- Sarah K