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Want to learn everything you need to know to start about running your fitness business! From how to form an entity, organize your finances, level up your digital marketing efforts, grow your client list, rock social media and so much more?! Make sure your part of my email list for weekly gems hitting your inbox. 

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I'm Danielle!

Years ago I left a totally unfulfilling corporate law job in the pursuit of happiness and passion. I went back to my athlete roots, starting teaching fitness for some of the biggest brands in the industry and built a reputation for excellence and encouragement. Using my legal and corporate background I started helping these brands operate legally, more efficiently and make more money. And with that, a purpose, and this brand, was born. 


The biggest and most important thing I learned along the way (and trust me when I say there were LOTS of lessons) was that success didn’t have a secret road map or a password that only the elite and chosen get. NOPE. There was a proven process and method; if you implemented the steps and did the work that needed to be done, your success, whatever that dream may be, can be yours. 


I don’t believe in wasting your time or holding back. I’m unfiltered, I overshare every tip and trick I know, I unapologetically root for YOUR WINS and I truly believe that whatever you want can be yours.


Are you ready to go make some magic? 

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Legal and Operational Documents

You have questions about the legalities and liability of running your business, but don’t want to hire an expensive attorney just to get them answered. And you shouldn’t!

For the price of a few training sessions, I can answer your questions and give you peace of mind.

Not only do I have the legal and business background to get your on the right track, I have opened, expanded, invested in, advised, and taught at some of the most prominent studios in Southern California.

1:1 Coaching

 Sometimes you just don’t know where to start, and other times you need some support along the way to make sure you’re on the right track.


Coaching is perfect for getting clear on your intentions for your business and discussing and focusing on a problem area of your business.


We will get you enough clarity and action items to move forward and get you to the next step.

Courses and Mini-Courses

Are you looking to learn for major bang for your buck?

Do you have so many questions about your fitness + wellness business and not sure where to start? Mini-courses and courses are for you! 

In these short learning videos you'll get the simplified, crystal-clear, unfiltered information that you can put to work in your business immediately, and will pay back BIG time in the time you get back, extra money you pocket, and happy clients that keep coming to you. 


Fitness Business Formula

Are you ready to finally learn how to create, refine, and grow the online business of your dreams?

Fitness Business Formula is a 5-week program created to take the guesswork out of your online fitness and wellness business, whether you’re looking to start one or scale on.

If you’re ready to share your magic, because NO ONE can do it like you, period, let’s do this!

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“I want everyone to have the knowledge, confidence and support to make their dream business successful. Whether you are looking to expand your brand, improve on an already successful business, or are in need of affordable and accessible legal and business advice, I am here to help you succeed.”

— Danielle Stead Blanton

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