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Welcome Friends!

Hey guys, I’m Danielle and welcome to! I created this community for ALL of us - fitness professionals looking to enrich and elevate our businesses, careers and studios. Why? Because I know what it’s like to start from the square one and work my way up to the top.

My transition from full-time attorney to a fitness professional has been quite a journey, filled with bumps, detours and lots of unanswered questions.There was no ‘How-to’ book or resource, and a lot of what I learned was trial by (oftentimes comical) error. I didn’t have a mentor, or really anyone to turn to. And to make matters worse, I felt this awful sense of competition amongst my peers in a way I had never felt before. Even after securing my first few teaching jobs, there was so much to figure out - how do I map the perfect playlist for a spin class? How do I inject my personality and philosophies into a pre-programmed class? How do I land an audition at that awesome studio? What is my next step? When can I get my workouts in? Who are my people are where is my tribe? The list was endless.

That list grew exponentially after I became involved in the ownership + operations side of multiple studios throughout Los Angeles, California and saw the larger challenges that studio owners faced. Oftentimes, studio owners are incredible athletes, motivated and driven to give their clients the best workout experience, but don’t have the supporting business background and experience to run a smooth operation. They need help, but like most of us Type-A athletes, believed they could do it all on their own. (Spoiler: at some point in life we ALL need help and its OK to ask for it!)

Additionally, state legislatures and city building departments have been tightening the rules, regulations and requirements on fitness studios and not all owners know what they are legally required to do, or worse, face fines and penalties for not doing so.

My ultimate goal, and what fuels me to create and grow this community, is for all fitness professionals to have access to the knowledge, confidence and support to be successful. Whether you are a new instructor looking to grow your career, an industry leader looking to elevate yourself, or a studio owner wanting to grow and improve your business, we can all benefit by learning more about this evolving and exciting industry.

To always learning and evolving,

xx, D

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