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The Power Of Saying "NO"

Earlier today I spoke on a podcast, Life by JMar, about the power of saying ‘no.’ As a fitness professional and business +performance coach, I’m in the business of pleasing and appeasing others. How can I help you? What can I do for you? And in doing that, I SO often say ‘yes’ to things I don’t want to do, I don’t feel comfortable doing, or that I know I shouldn’t be doing.

Sound familiar?

My unofficial resolution - STOP SAYING YES WHEN I WANT TO SAY NO.

Stop saying to lunches and coffee meetings that are draining and unfulfilling.

Stop saying yes with partnerships with brands that don’t align with my business or purpose.

Stop saying yes when my gut is telling me no. Pro tip - always trust your gut. It knows what’s up.

So many times we say yes because we’re afraid of disappointing someone when we say no. But in saying yes to them, we’re saying NO to us. We’re discounting our feeling. We’re ignoring our wants. We’re draining ourselves. And when we have nothing left to give, we’re not just doing ourselves a disservice, but our clients.

There’s probably endless content on the internet on the topic but I want to leave you guys with this: you can’t pour from any empty cup. You can’t give if your tank is on empty. And when we say ‘yes’ when we know we should say ‘no’, we’re depleting ourselves. Focus on unapologetically filling up your cup.

xx -D

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