Starting Your Email List and Sending Out Your First Newsletter

If you’ve been part of this family for a while, you’ve probably already heard some of my Instagram horror stories - like that time 70% of my content disappeared off my feed for weeks with zero response from IG as to what happened. Or that other time 10% of all IG users, myself included, were locked out of their accounts days.

As someone whose business lives mostly online, it was terrifying to be disconnected to my community. I had no way to show up for them. It was the wake-up call I needed to stop relying on social media as my only means for communicating with my people and to start working on a way I could communicate directly with them.

So I started building, week by week, person by person.

You’ve probably heard it a gazillion times by now, but if your business is going to live online you need to have a way to connect with your people in a way that’s truly yours and NOT rely on a third-party platform to champion that message.

You need an email list and you need a newsletter.

Not Quite Convinced?

If my social media scaries haven’t quite convinced you to start building, here’s a few more reasons for you :

  • You don't own your followers or your content, Instagram/Facebook.YouTube does. When the apps crash, so does your channel.

  • Only 7%-10% of your followers are even seeing your content. This means your message is only getting out to a small fraction of your followers. Thanks algorithm.

  • People don’t buy from people they don’t know, like or trust. How do you get someone to know, like and trust you? Consistent communication, service to the community and a voice of authority.

  • It takes on average 7 (seven!) ‘touches’ with a potential customer before they’ll invest in your services. Think - emails, comments, messages. It might take months for them to get 7 of those in over social media alone. Newsletters allow you to connect in a more personal and concentrated way.

  • Social Proof: When you keep showing up for your people and serving them, you become the expert. They’re more likely to invest in someone whose proven to be the expert, than someone who just claims to be.

Where Do I Even Start?

First thing first - you ALWAYS need someone’s permission before putting them on your newsletter.

You CANNOT take email addresses you have (coworkers, old clients, friends) and throw them into a list and call it an email list. You CANNOT take people’s email addresses off of their social media accounts and add it to your list.

You’d be surprised at the frequency both of these instances happen. Not only is it a social faux pas, it is ILLEGAL to put people on an email list without their permission.

So how do you get people to give up their email?

Trade Their Email For Something Valuable

It takes a lot for someone to say ‘YES’ and give away something as special as their email address; there has to be something in it for them. The easiest way to convince them to ‘opt-in’ is to trade their email for something valuable they need:

  • A downloadable guide explaining how to set-up online Zoom training sessions.

  • Access to member-only content that they’d otherwise probably pay for.

  • Early access to event registration.

  • Subscriber only sales.

Ask yourself, what does your client want and how can you provide it to them?

Once you’ve decided which of the above lead magnets has the most value to your clients, create it. This might mean hiring a graphic designer to help you (I have an *excellent* one who would love to help you), learning how to use Canva, or even scheduling a call with me to discuss what would best serve your client.

You want to SERVE your clients (existing and potential) by giving away so much good and valuable information for free, that they can’t help but think - wow, if this is her free stuff, I wonder how much more helpful her paid stuff is.

Ya with me? Give your clients that hint and tease of how GREAT you are. Leave them wanting more of your magic.