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Our New Normal - What Goes and What Stays?

Yesterday it was announced that CA gyms likely won’t reopen for “months,” sparking the massive wave of disappointment from everyone holding onto that May 19th date, as when life would go back to normal.

Yes I am heartbroken, disappointed, frustrated, angry and generally over it all too. Yes, I am ready to go back to work (as if any of us have even stopped in the past 7 weeks) and sweat through 3-4 outfits a day. Yes, I want to sweaty-hug and high-five my clients more than anything. But truth be told, I let go of that May 19th date a long time ago.

Normal is gone fam. The world has changed. And that’s REALLY OK, because we’ve seen some great things come out of it. But it does mean that we have to change too. We have to stop resisting it, and start acting accordingly.

I firmly believe that we can talk about the state of the fitness industry WITHOUT asking “how are we going to re-open gyms.” Because in order for us to survive this, there has to be more to this discussion.

We have to seriously consider what wasn’t working before. We have to admit that there are aspects of working from home and online that are awesome. And we ultimately have to give in to the knowledge that we will have to adapt to what the world presents us.

The way we are going to move forward, serve our clients, and support ourselves is the willingness to start having these hard conversations with ourselves, our clients and our teams. Below are FIVE ways you can start looking at your business to figure out what you’re going to carry forward, what you’re leaving behind, and how you’re going to come out on top.


Admit it - there were parts of your life BC (before CV19) that you would love to have changed. And maybe there’s parts of this quarantine you’re enjoying. Write it down!

What worked before, what’s working now, and what just cannot move forward with you.

Four lists. As broad or specific as you want. Nothing is off the table.

  1. What you want to carry forward from life pre-CV19,

  2. What you disliked about schedule, work, clients in life BC,

  3. What you want to carry forward from life in quarantine, and

  4. What’s getting left in the dust of face masks and hand sanitizer.

Now what? Compare the lists. Start seeing what you can do without, and what you can’t. Your first step in moving forward is knowing that you’ll be moving in the direction YOU want to be going in.


You know what you like - what about what your people have to say? What do they like, dislike, or want to change?

  1. Get feedback from your clients. Be open and receptive to hearing about their experiences BC and during quarantine, and what they hope for moving forward.

  2. Provide a forum for your instructors and team to share their thoughts and feelings. Know that their experience BC and during quarantine might be different than your perceptions of their experiences. Great leaders not only listen but empathize and act accordingly.

(If it sounds easier said than done to just ‘ask for feedback’ let’s talk and I can share with you my tips for creating space for valuable feedback.)


Numbers don’t lie, fam. So consider:

If you are making more money on your own teaching Zoom classes than you could even imagine in the studio, it’s time to seriously consider how you’re going to carry that forward.

If you discounted your rates during CV19 because you were afraid of losing clients/appearing greedy/insert worry here, you’re going to quickly have to un..’stick’ yourself before those become your permanent rates.

What products and services are making you the most $$ right now? Why do you think that is?

What BC products + services made you the most money before? Can you carry it forward into your new normal?

I have found that the most successful business owners are the ones who aren’t afraid to dive into numbers, see the profits AND losses, and then ask WHY. Not only WHY did something not work out, but why was something else so successful?


Common ways you’re selling yourself, and your business, short:

  • You haven’t raised your rates yet this year,

  • You discounted your rates in the quarantine,

  • You changed your pricing plans to accommodate clients, or because it's “easier” to process, but isn’t necessarily better for business,

  • You are overpaying for rent, utilities or services you don’t really need,

  • You don’t have multiple income streams,

  • You aren’t monetizing your social media,

  • You don’t have paid brand collaborations,

  • You offer too many sales and specials, or

  • You’re giving it away for free.


Remember at the end of 2019 when we sat down to discuss goals for 2020 - they’re still there. And there is still PLENTY of time to make them all happen. Maybe they need to be revised a little, timelines tweaked, expectations addressed...but your goals should not have changed when the world did.

There is still PLENTY of space for you, your wisdom, and your magic. It might look a little different (like through a screen). It may take a little longer (it’s ok, even Amazon Prime is taking a week these days). Good ideas don't stop being good. People don’t stop needing you.

So don’t be afraid to show up and keep working toward them. And if you find that you veered off course a little? Thank goodness we’re taking the time to do this now and get our paths right!

x, D

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