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Back to Basics: What Every Fitness Professional Needs to Know About Business

If you're in business as a fitness professional, whether you're an instructor, studio owner, manager, or anything in between, there are certain business concepts you MUST have in order to successfully run your company.


The foundation of a good customer experience and a customer-centric business is a clear set of policies and procedures. Being consistent in letting your customers know what to expect from you, and in turn what you expect from them, is absolutely essential to your success.

Over the course of the next few weeks I'm going to dive these points further. I encourage you to read through the list below like a checklist - what do you have? what do you need? what do you have that might need work? Send me your thoughts, questions and situations, and let's chat to get your business straight!


Whether you're a studio owner covering your equipment and staff, or an instructor covering yourself, liability insurance protects you agains the unknown.


All trainees and clients need to understand that they are undertaking the risks associated with training. Every single studio and trainer must have a waiver. If you don't - let's talk asap!


What do you expect from clients and what can they expect from you? What are your Late-Cancel and No-Show policies and fees? What is the cost for a class or training? How do clients schedule, cancel or communicate with the studio.


Your team cannot know what you expect from them unless you tell them. Owners + managers: invest in your people.


How do you collect funds from clients? Are you maintaining a separate bank account (short answer - YES!!) How do you pay teachers? Are your bills automated?


How do you build a relationship with new clients? How do you assess their goals? Injuries? Do you offer special pricing?


What is your brand? What do you stand for and what do you want to be known for? What energy do you want to give to your clients?

I cannot wait to dive deeper into these topics and watch your businesses flourish!

xx, D

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