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9 Questions to Ask Yourself to Make Sure You’re Working With Your Most Ideal Clients

Updated: May 4, 2021

Bad news - you’re not a taco, you’re not for everyone.

Good news - you are GUAC baby, you’re extra and you are worth it. Also - you don’t want to be taco.

You’re not for everyone because what you have to offer is specialized, specific, and uniquely YOU. You don’t want to work with just any client that asks. So why are you saying YES to any client that comes your way?

(I know, this year has been WILD, and sometimes we just have to say ‘yes’ because even pain-in-the-butt clients’ checks cash too...yup, I said it, and I own it)

But just like a perfect pair of jeans, shoes, or even a life partner - you have to find someone who isn’t just right for you, you are right for them. This is why I always, always, ALWAYS ask my clients, “tell me about your client demographic” … and then sit back and listen. I listen to hear:

  • If they know their demographic;

  • If they understand their client’s needs, wants, hopes, and goals;

  • If their strengths as a fitpro are aligned with their client’s needs, wants, hopes, and goals; and

  • If they’re really working with the clients they want to be.

See, knowing 1) who you ideally want to work with; and 2) if your client fits into those criteria is KEY for your success and sanity as a business owner. You working with clients whose needs align with your strengths will ensure that their goals are met. You working with clients whose problems you can solve will ensure that they sign your praises to anyone who will listen, which will convert them to more clients. You working with clients whose energy matches yours guarantees a positive working relationship, which means you’re more likely look forward to working them, as opposed to just another client to cross off your day’s to-do list.

You following where I’m leading?! Working with clients who match your vibes, frequencies, strengths isn’t just good for the clients, it’s good for you and it’s good for business.

So how do you start to find these unicorns? Or even a step behind that - how do you start to decide what unicorn to look for?!

Here are 9 questions to start asking yourself:

1 - Who were you and who are you now? What was your transformation and growth?

2 - What do you specialize in? What do you love doing? What do you want to be doing?

3 - Thinking about your transformation and growth - what product or service do you want to offer? Who do you think would be attracted to this?

4 - What do your existing clients + community need the most right now? Why do you think or believe this? What research do you have to support this?

5 - Who is your current client base? Audience? What are their needs, wants, and goals? (Be incredibly specific about every detail about them)

6 - If you could wave a magic wand for your existing audience, would your services match their needs?

7 - If yes, how many you hone your products/services to better serve them?

8 - If no, think about those you can better serve - where are they? What social platform are they on? Who do they socialize with/hang out with? How can you communicate with them?

9 - How can you start ‘showing up’ for these potential clients in your content - posts speaking, lead magnets to solve their problems, tweaking your products/services.

If you need help identifying your ideal client, getting to work with those you actually want to, or struggling with honing your products and services to best serve your community, the Fitness Business Bootcamp is a great place to lay the foundation for your business. In this 5-week collaborative and immersive learning experience fitness and wellness professionals learn how to start, grow, and scale their fitness + wellness business through a proven and successful formula that can be implemented into their business instantly. Every week the FBF introduces a topic applicable to your business - start-up, legal, financial, marketing, personal development - and deep dives into what you as a fitness and wellness business owner truly needs to know. More importantly, the FBF teaches you how to integrate these strategies and tactics into your existing business through systems of operations, clear communication strategies and tried-and-true marketing tactics.

The Fitness Business Formula begins January 25, 2021. Registration opens January 10 - 24th. Early enrollment is December 14 - 31st and all those who early enroll will receive a one-on-one coaching session with Danielle to be used at any point during the course period AND last year’s early bird pricing. If you’re interested in learning more, leave me a comment below, or shoot me an email!

To making sure your magic lands in the most deserving of hands,

Xx, D

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