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5 Ways to Repurpose Content

Updated: Apr 15, 2021

This one’s for all of you who tell me that creating content is hard. You’re SO right.

Wait - what?!

We spend hours filming, editing, writing, shooting, filtering, stressing it’s almost insane that this has become part of our daily lives.

And while some of you guys are super creative with your videos, posts, newsletters and other content (like HOW?! - please make courses) others of us - like ME - are very creative at UPCYCLING existing content to let it work for me and serve my audience at least 10x.

Yup, you read that right. 10x minimum if I’m going to invest time in putting it out there in the first place.

The number one reason I do this?! It now takes the average person viewing something 7-17x for the message to sink. So chances are, in these days of quick scrolling thumbs, your audience DEFINITELY could benefit from some repetition to hear and learn what they really need to hear and absorb.

The key for me isn’t just a recycle + repost. It’s a REPURPOSE + UPCYCLE.

How can I make this information a different experience so that those who learn differently (auditory, visual, speed readers) might digest it better?

How can I explain it again, slightly differently, so that it’s digested?

How can I reach my audience in a different way, so that they can access this information.

Today I’m peeling back the curtain on the digital marketing lecture series of Fitness Business Formula and sharing how I teach my students to upcycle content as an easy way to keep showing up in alllll the things - social media, newsletters, blogs, etc. Ready?! Let’s dive in:

1 - Turn a blog into a post, or posts into a blog (like this!) and newsletter.

My blogs tend to be lists (“4 Signs It’s Time To Raise Your Rates” or “Your 3 Magic Numbers”) so it’s very easy to turn the headers - like these - into a quick graphic to post. The graphic can match your branding, and it’s an easy post to put together (time saving = win!). The best part about posting graphics like these is they tend to be quick wins for engagement - my ideal clients love these lists and graphics and often the saves, send and comments on this far outweigh anything else I post.

Ever post a quote? Turn it into a blog and share your perspective on the topic.

Have an old post with your 5 favorite exercises? Embed them into a webpage to spice up your blog with videos. The options are really endless here, and you can especially take older content and upcycle it with a fresh new take.

2 - Recycle and reuse older posts - because your audience wants to (needs to!) see it and hear it again!

You want 3 types of people to view your content:

-those who’ve bought into your philosophies and services;

-those who follow you to learn from you and are still in a discovery phase;

-those who enjoy learning from you and are on the fence of investing, but need that push over the edge.

The best way to turn the ‘discovery’ client to the ‘over the fence’ client? REPETITION. They need to hear the same thing 7, 10, 17 times. They need to hear it until either their behavior changes and they become a success story, OR until they buy into your services to learn how to change their behavior….and guess what….they become a success story.

3 - Turn longer videos into a Reel for a quick, impactful message.

A Reel is a 15-second or 30-second video that can incorporate music, text, and filters. They’re a little silly in my opinion, but the Instagram algorithm freaking loves them and favors Reels on the feed and explore page. Favored content = more engagement = more clients eyes seeing your message.

Turn a longer workout video into a Reel with quick snippets, condense a list (like this!) into a quick Reel, or just film a 15-30 second video clip in the Reel format for the favorable algorithm treatment...the possibilities are endless!

4 - Create Guides, blog posts, and newsletters using similar posts/videos. "Top 5 HIIT workouts" or "Best Business Resources".

Guides is another Instagram feature that may or may not be here to stay. A Guide is a collection of existing posts or IGTV’s that you can group together under a topic. If you’re like me and have a series of inspiration quotes, certain types of workouts (TRX, pilates) or business advice - you can group those into guides.

Alternatively - and this is my quick content hack - if you’re blanking on inspiration you can skim through older blog posts, or topics and combine them into your own guide. I’ve put together a ‘Favorite Apps for Business’ blog, or ‘5 Accounts I’m loving’ newsletter.

Remember point #2 - the key to turn discovering eyes into a paying client is REPETITION. Keep getting eyes on your brilliant thoughts and give your prospective clients the chance to say YES to you.

5 - Not sure what to talk about today? Reference your lead magnets every chance there is - in blogs, newsletters, and stories - to keep growing your email list.