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4 Things To Do Today To Get More Clients

Let’s talk about INVESTMENTS for a minute.

We can easily see the worth in traditional investments. Fitness and proper nutrition are great investments in your long-term health. Yearly trips to the dentist, eye-doctor or GP is necessary to make sure we’re all good. Getting your car regularly maintenanced is an investment in your car’s longevity. Renovating part of your house adds value if/when you decide to sell it. Rental properties, stocks, bonds, 401k’s all good stuff!

So why don’t we see education as that same great investment? As a business owner why aren’t you willing to invest the same into your business’ long term health, wealth and longevity?

Below are my top 5 things that every business owner (aka YOU!) whether you’re solo, hire contractors, run a small shop, or are conquering the world, should invest in to help their brand succeed in the long run.

1. Identify your weaknesses, and then hire people who are good at exactly that. Real talk here - I outsource A LOT of things having to do with my business. In fact, if I can take it off my plate, I do! The less time I spend doing things that I’m not great at, the more time I can spend coaching, consulting and helping you guys start, build, grow and succeed in your businesses!

2. Invest in the coaching + advice of an expert, aka book a session. I don’t know of a single successful business owner who hasn’t sought help, advice, coaching or a sounding board from someone a little bit more experienced and successful than them. Very few people have gotten to where they are on sheer luck and grit alone.

I know that the value, ideas, organization and structure I give my client in an hour consulting session will come back tenfold from the $200 they spent to sit down, open up and chat. $200 to make $2000 and beyond? Sounds smart to me.

3. Invest in doing it right. Get the proper business license. Thoughtfully set-up a product launch. Ethically manufacture a reliable product. Plan the launch of your online platform. Hire workers correctly (employees v Indp Contractors). Fitness professionals - have and keep current your CPR/AED certification and professional liability insurance. Seek genuine social media engagement instead of purchasing it. Correctly handle your finances and pay your taxes.

4. Invest in yourself. We give so much to our clients, physically and mentally, and we need to give ourselves the same advice, attention and maintenance. But I’m not just talking about manicures and massages (though those are great too!)

Take classes on topics that interest you! Have lunch dates with fellow entrepreneurs and be inspired by their energy. Take a few days off from work to attend a conference that you’re stoked about. Unapologetically fill your body and soul with nourishing food, your mind with the brightest ideas and your space + time with what makes you feel alive. All of these will make you a brighter, happier and a better business owner.

5. Invest in the deep, unfaltering belief that you, your business and product have so much value to give. If you don’t believe in you, who else will? Whether you need to talk to a therapist, meditate, or just see the numbers as you profit, do the work to get your mind to a point of wholeheartedly believing in you. Confidence sells. It’s contagious.

If you’re ready to start investing YOU right now, you still have 2 days to purchase and watch the Financial Success Webinar I co-hosted with Lesley Logan of Profitable Pilates. We talk about raising rates, how to work less, creating passive income streams, and establishing brand partnerships. And just because they’re fitness related, doesn’t mean that anyone who listens in won’t get great, life-changing advice. In fact, they’re universal ideas that apply to all of my hardworking bosses out there. Want a preview of it? The blog is HERE!

I can’t wait to watch you all plant that investment seed and watch your flourish!

Xx, D

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