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We all know that our email list is one of our business' most valuable assets. So let's reframe the boring old, "make a lead magnet, subscribers will magically appear" school of thought that I'm willing to bet hasn't been working for you either. Instead you'll learn how to actually grow an email list (and community!) with compelling content that your clients both want and need


In this mini-course I will help you rethink your approach to list building and list nurturing, give you creative and actionable ideas to fill your list with subscribers, and my top tactics for converted viewers to subscribers, and subscribers into engaged community members and paying clients!

If you're ready for your voice to be heard, and your magic to be shared with your ideal clients, sign up below! 

PS - One of you is going to WIN a no holding back goal-setting session with ME as we talk 2021 goals, and more importantly - HOW we're going to get you there. We'll hone in on top goals and create actionable tactics for you to implement in your business immediately. Everyone who downloads the course is automatically entered to win! x, 

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Years ago I left a totally unfulfilling corporate law job in the pursuit of happiness and passion. I went back to my athlete roots, starting teaching fitness for some of the biggest brands in the industry, and built a reputation for excellence and encouragement.

Using my legal and corporate background I started helping these brands operate legally, more efficiently and make more money. And with that, a purpose was born.

I've continued teaching group fitness because I LOVE IT (and tbh probably always will!) and along the way I've been able to invest in numerous fitness and wellness brand. I have sat on ALL sides of the table of our industries, so when I say, "we're in this together" I mean it because I'm in it and I've done it!

The most important thing I've learned along the way (and trust me when I say there were LOTS of mistakes and failures...I mean lessons) is that success does NOT have a secret road map or a password that only the elite and chosen get. NOPE.

There is a proven process and method; if you implement the steps and do the work that needs to be done, your success, whatever that dream may be, can be yours. I don’t believe in wasting your time or holding back. I’m unfiltered, I overshare every tip and trick I know, I unapologetically root for YOUR WINS and I truly believe that whatever you want can be yours.

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