Courses and Downloads

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Small Business Starter Guide

Everything you need to know to start your small business! How to form an entity, organize your finances, start your marketting, grow your client list and so much more! And the best part? This is my FREE gift to you!


Entity Formation Guide

Part TWO of my Doing Success Boldly Series! This guide answers those burning questions you need answered to decide if incorporating is right for you. Whether or not you should invest the time and money into the legal process of making your business official with your state government and IRS is a big decision. If you have questions about whether or not you should form that corporation, LLC or partnership, I know this FREE guide will really help you find that clarity.


Business Growth Checklist

Part THREE of the Doing Success Boldly series, this checklist makes sure that you aren’t letting any aspect of your growing business slip through the cracks. It’s a great self-check to make sure you are operating properly, taking advantage of business write-offs, using your time efficiently and planning for your continued growth and success!