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Covering Your Ass(ets) in your Fitness Business: Understanding Liability as a Business Owner, Your Liability Waiver, and Liability Insurance

The goal of this course is to teach you - the fitness instructor, wellness provider, studio owner - what you’ll need to know about running a liability-free fitness and wellness business. We’ll talk about:

  • The difference of being a Sole Proprietor vs. an LLC/S-Corp;

  • What your Liability Waiver needs to say to cover you (including COVID language and considerations); 

  • What your Liability Insurance should cover, how much coverage you need, and what companies are fit-pro extra-friendly; and 

  • The key takeaways to cover your ass in business...and I’m not just talking fun leggings! 


You’ll finish this course having a strong sense of relief knowing you’ve taken the steps to protect your business and your clients’ wellbeing. 

Cost: $50


Money Management 101: How to Manage Your Hard Earned $$ and How to Organize Your Deductions

This course is for all my business owners who:

  • Are ready to feel confident about your business' finances;

  • Want to understand the importance of managing your money smarter; 

  • Want to learn how to organize your revenue and expenses so your money is working for you; and 

  • Are here to earn more, while serving your clients with purpose.


I will teach you the easy and fool-proof way to organize your business’ expenses and revenue so you’re not stressed come tax season, and can confidently understand your business’ financial health.


This course is a can’t miss for ALL small business owners!

Cost: $50

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Coming Next!

  • How to (Legally) Launch Your Online Platform for Success;

  • Done For You Scripts For Your Newsletters, Brand Partners Outreach, and Email Marketing; 

  • Contracting With Your Clients: How Client Agreements and Terms of Services Will Make You $ and Make Your Clients Happier; 

  • Stop Winging It and Create a Business Plan For Your Profitable, Purpose-Driven Business. 

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Come on - who doesn’t!?


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